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How to Build Massive Hyper Email Lists 10x Faster

There are only few ways to build a list of active ready to buy users. You can do that by selling your own products and collecting their emails or if you have a website that requires sign up and login and you collect their email list into your autoresponder. If You’re still using any other ways like using Popups, Sidebars, Or Exit Intent To Try to Get Email Addresses From People Who Visit Your Website, You’re Never Going To Build A Profitable Business.

Most email list building method are Ineffective & A Total Waste Of Your Time & Money! People fill up your sign up forms with fake, made up email addresses they never intend to open. That means your email list is FAKE and The leads are either fake, unengaged or both… you’re never going to make any money from it! You only end up paying HUNDREDS of dollars to Autoresponders for leads that never open your emails, click your links or buy anything from you!

But There is a FRESH & Revolutionary Way To Build HUGE Email Lists That Is 10X More Engaging, 10X Cheaper, And Gets 10X More Sales Than Any Other Lead-Generation Method Out There.

and you can do this
– WITHOUT the need of any optin/signup form…
– WITHOUT users needing to type their name or email information.
– WITHOUT any landing pages.

You can do that with an email building software called Hyperlists. Hyperlists software helps anyone builds Email Lists that are 10X More Engaging, 10X Cheaper, And Gets 10X More Sales by capturing the primary email addresses of users from platforms like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

With this you don’t have to worry about low open rates, fake email addresses or high unsubscribe rates.

It’s so easy to use and In Just 3 steps, you have a working email list builder! Let me show you how this works?

Click on the link to purchase a copy of this amazing list builder. Once you get the Hyperlist software, You are sent your login details to your email address. login to your dashboard with your details and this is what you see.

Watch the full tutorial in the video below…

Below is the transcript of this video

You can configure your Facebook app first if you wanted. Add your App ID and App secret and click submit. There is a quick tutorial for that. But what we are going to focus on is creating a list, a workflow and a campaign. So here first we are going to create a list. You can create a list, view the lists and export your lists. Then we move to automation workflow, you can set up SMTP profile, add profile and view different profiles you create.. Then we have create campaign where you create your different email campaign to go out to your lists once they get added to your list. Then we have other menu like analytics to view your campaign results and so on..

You can also link this tool with any autoresponder like Aweber, Getresponse, Sendinblue and so on.. Even your self hosted mail server like Mailwizz.

First let’s go to the Lists menu and create a list. click “add list” and then on this page, enter the name of your list. I am going to add “netplus training”. Maybe i want to build a list for my Netplus Training YouTube channel and then here i am going to copy same and add it here, then click submit.. Now the list has been added and you can create as many list as possible for different objectives or campaigns.

Now we move to the next step which is “automation workflow”.. this is basically like building an email series that will go out once anyone gets added. Here add a campaign name, i will add “product A offer”. then click next step.. Then step 2 is where you add the time and when they receive the messages. click here and then choose automation details. For this i will leave it at immediately and of course the time, then click on save.

Then click “design email” to set up the first message they receive after they get added. I am going to add a subject and then add the details here below.. You can choose from any template if you have created one. There is a menu page below where you can create your templates. But for this i will just add a subject and details of the message.. You can style this however you want and click save.

You can click view to get a preview of the email message. Add more messages by clicking here again and then choose the day after the first message the second one should go out and the time. i am going to choose 2 days after and time 10am. then click save.. Next step design the message and i will write follow up email and the details and save. You can continue to click to add more email series. But for this, i am okay with 2 messages so i click finish.

Now you can see the campaign name, number of emails, date created.. You can always come back to edit any of the emails or add more..

The third step is creating a campaign but i need SMTP to make this work directly from the software or i can use an external autoresponder. So i will set that up first.

Click here to create SMTP profile. Add your SMTP server address here if you have one. Or you can link it with an autoresponder and get your list directly into your autoresonder. I have created an account on Sendinblue so i cam going to link that via the API. I am going to go into the Sendinblue account, create an API, copy it and paste it here. Then click Verify..

Once verified, i can now create my campaigns. I am going to add campaign name here so i add “udemy training”. then Enter Your Website/Offer Link you want them to visit, lets say i am sharing a video on making money with Udemy and i want send people to that video and get their email. I will add the YouTube video URL here. Then choose the social type.. In this case, i want real gmail addresses and then click next step.

So here i will choose one of the lists i have created. i have only one so i will choose that. For The automation workflow, check this if you have set up your SMTP profile.. Choose the workflow name then select your SMTP profile here. But i have autoresponder set up instead so i am using that.. i will check this then select my connected autoresponder from the lists and since i have it linked, i will see all my Sendinblue list here. I have only one, so i am going to select that then click next step.. And that’s it..

The software wizard will generate a unique link for you to copy and share on social media.. i am going to copy this and share it online, in my Facebook groups, forums, twitter Instagram and so on.

Once they click on it, you can see it requires them to select any of their gmail address to see the YouTube video content. Here once they select any of their emails, it takes them straight to the website link. Its as simple as that. They don’t need to enter any name, email address or any other information. All they need to do is select emails to continue and now you have only real emails, not fake emails.

Now lets go back to the software and lets checkout the user who just clicked on the link.. Under lists, go to view list. select any of the lists and in my case, i only have one. so you can see that the software got the email, the name attached to the email, you can see the campaign name, date added and of course you can view the details.. Anyone Who Clicks Your Link Is Added To Your HyperLists and also into your Choice Of Autoresponder linked.

So we have our first subscriber and as more people click, they get added to your list. Your messages get sent out directly if you are using SMTP or you can use your autoresponder to set automatic and followup messages. Now you can Relax, Sit-Back & Profit.

Many companies have been using this successfully to capture emails. A good example is Pixabay. To download their large size images, you need to login and they use this method and it works.

You can see your analytics here and you can check your campaign results. see total clicks, total leads, see where your leads are coming from, the recent leads, your top sources if you share you links across many social media sites and so on. Like i said before, You can create different templates by going here and use the templates when setting up your workflow and campaigns. Here in the dashboard, you will be able to see your list building results every time you login to your dashboard..

Once you purchase this, you can watch the training videos in your dashboard. there are different videos on other part of the software and of course, you get trained on how best to use this software to make money and get even more results.

Right now the software is available for between $14 to $18 for the lite and elite versions. I think you should get the elite one instead of the lite one because with that you can build up to 25,000 lists, send up to 250,000 email campaigns every month and also create 100 campaign every month. i think that’s enough to start. Note that the price increases with time to hurry to get your copy.

And of course, you can get the upgrade, if you want to build unlimited email list and send unlimited campaigns. There is also the agency version and other versions that starts from $47 and so on. If you want to use your own domain and host your software, there is a copy for that as well. Its easy to set it up and of course, there is training for that.

Now you have REAL, targeted, buyer leads that are HIGHLY ENGAGED with your offers or content!

This is a A way to add 1000s of REAL, targeted, buyer leads that are HIGHLY ENGAGED with your offers to your list for FREE. 100 people click on your post, you get 100 new subscribers. 500 people click on your post, you get 500 new subscribers.

Maybe you get viral, and 10,000 people click on your post. Now you have 10,000 new subscribers… …and the potential to make $$$ in sales?

So check out the hyperlink email software and get yourself a copy of the tool. Check the link below to get started..

Abiola Oluwasanmi
Abiola Oluwasanmi
Abiola Oluwasanmi is the CEO of Netplus Systems LLC, a division of Netplus Marketing Services. Checkout our YouTube Channel at


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