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How to Earn Passive Crypto with Zero Risk

There are many websites that give visitors rewards for different activities like reading content, playing games, playing lotto and so on and many people since the launch of cryptocurrency have been taking advantage of this to earn free crypto. Crypto Reward websites offer visitors a chance to earn crypto, claiming rewards on the site like every 10-15 mins. visitors are rewarded for any activity like playing games, visiting links, reading content and so on. Visitors earn their rewards in real crypto and the Crypto reward site owner Profits from ad displays or on any transaction done on the site which can be claimed in Bitcoin.

If you want to have your own crypto reward website and earn passive income from all visitors activity, then watch this video to the end. This system offers the most beginner friendly system where you profit from highly motivated people doing the work for you without any risk or any need to invest or buy, trade and freak out about the crypto market.

Crypto Reward websites offer visitors a chance to earn crypto, claiming rewards on the site like every 10-15 mins. Site users are rewarded for any activity like playing games, visiting links, reading content and so on. Visitors earn their rewards in real crypto and the Crypto reward site owner Profits from ad shares and other monetization methods..

You can create your own crypto reward website in just 1-2 minute tops using a kit called Crypto kit. Crypto Kit is a cloud hosted, brandable Crypto currency decentralized exchanged, or DEX for short. The system automatically reward visitors with crypto for any engagement they perform. like watching ads, playing games, and buying lotto tickets. Everything is set up and automated to go live in just about 1 minute.. You earn passive, automated income from ad share revenue from displayed ads on your website. They can also buy, sell and trade crypto currencies earning you additional commissions from every trade transaction which can be claimed in Bitcoin.

And with that you get paid every single week just for launching a crypto reward website.

let me show you how this works.. its very fast and easy.

How does Crypto Kit work?

Watch this video to find out

Below is the transcript of that video

When you purchase this crytpo kits package, you will get your own crypto kits pack and you can access your own dashboard like you see on this page. You will be prompted to choose a subdomain name to begin. You don’t even need to have or buy your own domain name. Just enter a subdomain name in this field, then click on “create my cryptokit”. Now you have your own crypto kits website and as you can see, its pre-configured with perfectly placed ads in strategic positions throughout the website, engaging games users can play for rewards, token set up and wallet creating software. You don’t- have to do anything else like signing up to ad networks or crypto networks. Everything has been preconfigured for you.

Everything here is customizable and ready for you to rebrand. You can personalize your own crypto reward site right away. Just click here on ‘crypto kits settings’. Here on the ‘crypto kit’ tab, upload your own crypto website logo to brand your own website, add a favicon and your tagline right here. You can fill other information below and then click ‘save’.

Now choose a cryptocurrency you want to giveaway to users in the “Earn settings” tab. On this “coin reward” field, click the dropdown to select any of the over 100 coins, these are some of the most popular crypto coins. Then here, enter a percentage of the revenue share you want to share with users. Then click “save changes”..

Now your website is finally ready and Live to start earning you money every week.

Now that your website is live, Your site visitors can go to their own section in the front end, create a wallet on your website, sign in with their existing crypto wallet and start earning while performing activities there. Crypto wallet is setup for them securely, nothing stored on our website, plus any members who visit your Crypto Kit website and doesn’t have a wallet already, can create a crypto wallet smoothly from your website. This is perfect entry for complete crypto beginners.

As they play games, trade/exchange tokens, perform actions and earn REAL crypto currency, you also earn real crypto directly into your wallet. They can perform any of these activities like “visit and earn” section where they earn for every visit, We have the “view and earn” page, “learn and earn”, “lucky draw”, they can play lotto and earn, flip coin and so on.

As you can see, the crypto kit website comes with pre-configured ads that earn you revenue on every page your site visitors visit. So there is no need to sign up and wait for approval from any ad networks. The ads are set up and ready to reward you big time for every ad visit and clicks. Crypto Kit connects you with high paying advertisers who pay per display, click or sign up. These ads are shown to members of your Crypto Kit website, rewarding them a small amount to keep them coming back for more – while pocketing the bigger amount for yourself.

It’s kind of like Adsense, but for Crypto.

But unlike AdSense, these advertisers have no issue with you offering incentives, rewarding members and motivating members for their clicks. And instead of earning 1 or 2 cents a click, you’re able to earn up to $100 in Bitcoin each time someone clicks, or views, or plays a game.

Once visitors start visiting and engaging with your website, you can see how much you earn on your dashboard in real time.

And you can change your website background color, change website content and so on like you see on this other demo website.

Apart from earning from ad revenue, you can also earn through other amazing features. This crypto kit website comes complete with an inbuilt decentralized exchange platform or DEX. So members can buy crypto with their credit or debit card, trade between currencies or send to friends. And everytime they do, you get an admin cut.

And for even more reward, also included is an inbuilt affiliate program. The affiliate system is built in to allow your members refer others to your website and get a share of every revenue their referrals earn. Your website automatically offers anyone the ability to be an affiliate and members will be excited to see their coins grow. Members who refer others get a split of 10% for every member they refer to your website. That’s extra free incentive for members to bring in more members and earn you free traffic..

That’s not only free traffic, but traffic that pays you as new members view more ads, buy crypto and earn you more revenue.

This is the best crypto reward system that makes it easy to make money without any effort. You earn every single time even when you are away from your computer. its a set and forget system that pays on its own. As you can see, everything here was setup in just about 1 minute.

This is only available at less than $17 right now and of course the price increases with time so the price you get it depends on when you are seeing this video. So you can spend just $17 and have your own site that makes you money on autopilot. Like i said, you don’t need to spend any extra money like buying domain, hosting your site and so on. Of course if you prefer to have a system that uses your own domain, you can get the upgrade kit. This upgrade also allows you to Publish 3 Crypto Kits websites and you get some additional features like having a monetized blog and more opportunities to earn. There is a link for that below as well, so check that out.

This is a total game changer for anyone wanting to make serious cash in the Crypto space without having to know a damn thing about crypto to begin with. You don’t need to invest anything out of pocket or know how to trade or set up anything complex or complicated.

So, check the system out and you can get discount when you buy with my link. The link is in the description below.. Click on the link now and start earning passive, automated crypto payments every single day from the comfort of your home without any hassle or having to lift a finger.

I hope you like the video, see you in another video.

Abiola Oluwasanmi
Abiola Oluwasanmi
Abiola Oluwasanmi is the CEO of Netplus Systems LLC, a division of Netplus Marketing Services. Checkout our YouTube Channel at


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